Radon Gas

Over the last few years I’ve been noticing “Radon Gas” scaring more and more clients.  For instance most builders are adding a blanket statement to their standard contract about how it’s naturally occurring and that they cannot be held responsible for high levels.  Basically the Buyer should beware!!!


I’m still not convinced that it’s as big of a problem as some alarmists want to make of it.  I link it in with all the inspections that a buyer can do to insure the home they are buying is safe to live in.  When an inspector finds termites you eradicate them.  When mold is found you eliminate the water source and have it professionally removed.


As a broker the biggest suggestion I can give is to do your due diligence.  Don’t skimp on your inspections.  Have a home inspector test it for you or go online and get a kit yourself to see what the levels are.


Don’t worry if they come out too high.  Your dream isn’t necessarily lost.  A simple ventilation system professionally and properly set up in the basement or Crawl space of the home is all that’s needed to get the home into compliance.




My name is Mike Rowbury.  I’ve lived mainly in Utah County since I was 6 years old.  I’ve been a Realtor since 1996!!!  In 2006 I earned my brokers license and started R and R Realty, LLC.  I currently have 8 wonderful Children, not perfect but wonderful none the less.  I’ve been married since 1995 to the most amaizing women I’ve ever met in my life.  How I snagged her I may never know.  She still loves me with all of my faults and weaknesses.  I love fishing, camping, hunting and just being in the great outdoors.


When you know that you want a home, it’s important to choose a great Realtor!  Many people may ask why?  One of the things that sets a great Realtor apart from other agents is the way they treat you.  Taking care of the little details and pointing you to the right professionals to help you avoid the many pitfalls out there.  Having enough sales in the pipeline that their not constantly depending on you to be their next meal ticket.  I’m patient and understanding of your situation.  I work with plenty of people who are all in various stages of buying or selling.  You are not just a meal ticket to me.


One of the questions I like to ask my potential clients is this.  What do you call the person who graduates dead last in their medical school class?






I’ve found that Realtors and Brokers are similar.  It’s the little things that set me apart from the average agent.  My philosophy is simple.  Make a win win situation for the buyer and the seller.  Treat others as I want to be treated.  Above all work my tail off for my clients.  It’s easy to say your honest and hard working it’s another thing to prove it.  I would love to prove it to you!


I appreciate you visiting my site.  Let me know if their is anything in Real Estate that I can help you with.




Mike Rowbury

Principal Broker

R and R Realty, LLC