Radon Gas

Over the last few years I’ve been noticing “Radon Gas” scaring more and more clients.  For instance most builders are adding a blanket statement to their standard contract about how it’s naturally occurring and that they cannot be held responsible for high levels.  Basically the Buyer should beware!!!


I’m still not convinced that it’s as big of a problem as some alarmists want to make of it.  I link it in with all the inspections that a buyer can do to insure the home they are buying is safe to live in.  When an inspector finds termites you eradicate them.  When mold is found you eliminate the water source and have it professionally removed.


As a broker the biggest suggestion I can give is to do your due diligence.  Don’t skimp on your inspections.  Have a home inspector test it for you or go online and get a kit yourself to see what the levels are.


Don’t worry if they come out too high.  Your dream isn’t necessarily lost.  A simple ventilation system professionally and properly set up in the basement or Crawl space of the home is all that’s needed to get the home into compliance.



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